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Make a Photo Collage

So, the trip was a blast, and you have the photos to prove it. You could email a few to friends and frame a smattering your favorites, but with so many creative online photo sharing options these days, why not showcase your photos in a more fun and unique way? A photo collage is a great way to organize all those trip photos, allowing you to not only offer glimpses of your vacation, but to share the whole adventure all at once.

  • turns photo sharing into a work of art with its unique shape collages. To showcase your vacation photos, first choose from more than 300 different shapes, such as a sailboat, a map of the U.S. and a mountain range. Or, create your own custom shape. You can easily upload hundreds of photos or import photos from Facebook. One of the best things about the site is that it will automatically arrange photos to cover any shape without gaps or overlapping, and it also lets you place photos anywhere you want, automatically adjusting surrounding photos. Add a title to your creation if you like, and select a background color. Generated instantly, your photo collage can be shared in an email, posted to Twitter or on Facebook, or embedded in a blog or Web page. And since all good art was meant to be framed, also offers high-quality prints of any shape collage, including color posters, canvases and greeting cards. You can even create a thoughtful gift by ordering your custom collage on a blanket, mug or mousepad. Users must create an account to use the site, and registration is free. One of the things our editors loved most about this site is that we didn't have to download any special software at any point in the process.

  • Snapfish offers free photo sharing and storage. To get started, you must create an account, which is free to do. Then, upload your photos. Next, choose a product and select photos for the collage. The site will automatically generate a collage for you, randomly placing your photos, and you can shuffle your photos to rearrange them. The thing we love most about this site is that it offers a wide variety of collage products, including photo mugs, photo books, photo blankets and mouse pads. However, you can only use a maximum of 30 photos in each creation, and the only available collage shape is rectangular.

  • Picasa is an editing program from Google that is free to download. It helps you organize your photos into Web albums, as well as edit them, and it and also lets you make photo collages. To get started on making a photo collage, you must select photos from your computer or import them from your camera. Then, you can select the photos you would like to include in the collage. Picasa offers four collage types, which are the picture pile, picture grid, contact sheet and multi-exposure. Choose one to see your selected photos arranged. You can also choose a background color and picture for your background. Picasa also offers the convenience of turning your creation into Though the site doesn't have sharing built in, it does let you save your collage to print on your home computer or order as a print from an outside retail service. One cool feature of this site is that it lets you add geo-tags to your photos so that you can remember exactly where they are from using Google Maps.

  • Shape Collage is an automatic photo collage maker that also offers downloadable software. Once you've downloaded the software, choose an existing shape or create a custom shape. Select photos from your computer to be instantly arranged in the shape you have chosen. Then, you can save the image to share or print. The site doesn't offer printing or generate an instant link to share the collage, but what we love most about this site is their directory, which showcases many creative collages its users have made.


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